The Ultimate Merger

WW Eat Fresh

Another Design Assignment for the week is The Ultimate Merger. All of the design assignments seemed pretty interesting, but this was the first to catch my eye and I loved the idea of having to combine to companies logos together into one. Well deciding on the two logos to merge was THE hardest part. I obviously ended up using Weight Watchers and Subway. I initially copied the entire subway logo into MS Paint and cut out the “Subway Part” of it. In order to get the Weight Watchers words in the Subway font, I had to download their font from a website called 1001 Fonts. From there I saved it and downloaded the zip file to my computer and then imported it into all of my applications.

In MS PowerPoint, I used WordArt and wrote out Weight Watchers. I edited the words, to have a gradient effect from which the words would fade from white to yellow, left to right. After I had completed that, I outlined the words in the same dark green as the words “Eat Fresh.” are written in. I saved that artwork in PowerPoint and uploaded it in MS Paint. I arranged the words in the same effect that Subway originally had theirs. That is how I came up with this logo!

Reasons for choosing the two of these companies? First and foremost, I absolutely love Subway and not sure why anyone wouldn’t? Once I thought of that, I then thought of something that would work well with their slogan, and what is nothing better than a weight loss company? I mean, we all know Jarrod went to Subway to lose weight! The reasons may be a little cheesy, but I thought they worked perfectly together, and who knows, maybe they will one day team up together to help more people lose weight!

3.5 stars


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