You’re Invited


I am more on the short, sweet and to the point type of person, so I decided to create a wedding invitation! I used the picture editor GIMP. For starters, I knew nothing about this program so it took me a while to get used to it. I inserted the picture of Chris and I to the background layer and set the opacity to about 45% so that the writing could be read but so the background can be seen. I then created a new layer and inserted all the text I wanted on the invitation, and individually changed the font, font size and font color of each line I wanted different. I am not a over the top, want bling and all the extra stuff to show off, kind of person, so I felt as if the minimal writing needed was what I was aiming for. I also love pictures, so being able to add the picture in the background of him and I meant a lot and I feel as if it gives a personal touch to the invitation.

Now, now, I am not getting married, so these are not actually going to be wedding invitations in real life. But the date on them May 24, was a memorable date for me. That is when my boyfriend and I started dating, except 3 1/2 years ago. Have we talked about possibly getting married someday? Yes, but no absolutely plans thus far.

It’s actually really funny I chose to use this date, because him being horrible with remembering dates…That is one he can never remember. He always thinks it is the 25th of May, and not the 24th. So anytime I can give him a hard time, I do 🙂

I actually used PowerPoint to create the invitations, I am not a fancy Photoshop or any site like that user, so I stick to what I know typically. Bad habit? Yes, I know I need to work my way out of that because there is millions of opportunities I can have and put my creativity to the test. I will get there this semester, that is one goal I do have.

I found a clip art picture of a mason jar on Google, and inserted into the first and second slides of PowerPoint as the outline if the invitation. I then decided to change the background color/image to a texture that PowerPoint has built in called Stationary. After the background and the mason jar picture were set and stone, I started inserting text and increasing/decreasing the font size, interchanging font styles and changing out text color. As I said before, I wanted to keep it simple, yet get the point across.

After Thoughts…

Next time, I am definitely going to look into the other fancy picture editors other than the one that I use daily Aviary. (That wouldn’t have helped too much in this exercise). I was also even thinking of maybe creating an invitation by hand sometime this week if I have time before the Sunday deadline, and post it on this blog as well, as an after product of what I could have changed/done differently if I did it by hand instead of the computer.

3.5 stars


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  1. jenniferpolack says:

    Ok, what is the story, are you really getting married? If so tell us, if no tell us why you picked that date or make up a story about that date. Try to use GIMP/Photoshop or something different I know you will succeed.


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