Six-Word Memoir
No matter what the six words are, six words can explain a lot. Throughout my life, I have been through hell and back; was never one to talk about any of it, but hey who needs pity? When I found something I loved to do, play softball, I stuck to it. Nothing ever came in the way of that from the time I picked up a bat in t-ball. School? Nope, got everything done and even held at least a 3.5 GPA through the course of my high school years. Friends? Most of them were my teammates, when it comes to travel softball, that is all you really know. The “free time” after school or on weekends was devoted to softball…practicing, conditioning, scrimmaging or playing in tournaments. Now, since that time has ended due to personal injury, my determination must continue on. I go to school full-time, I work full-time as a pharmacy tech, engage in modeling here and always make sure I have plenty of time to spend with my family. Through the battles we all face, determination is the key factor of making it to the top of the mountain.
The creation process was a bit tedious for me. I had the word determination in my head from the time I saw the Six-Word Memoir. I chose three pictures to complete the picture behind the words, two pictures from modeling (one in my softball uniform) and the other as I am walking away from the negativity and following the path of determination. I uploaded the three pictures on Fotor, a photo editing/collage making application on my computer, and then created a “free design” of how I wanted the pictures arranged. After getting the pictures perfectly aligned how I envisioned, I saved the collage and opened it up to MS Paint. That is where I added the quote into the story of pictures and completed the final product.

3 stars


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  1. jenniferpolack says:

    This is a great assignment, you gave me a story, told me how you created it (you could add a screen capture to enhance).


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