week 3

 What is storytelling?


Creating my own definition of storytelling was harder that I thought it would have been. I definitely could have gone more in depth with where I have heard stories from and how they shaped my definition of it. After I posted my blog, I went and looked up a variety of definitions as well as looking at my classmates’ definitions to see how they related to mine and how they differed.

Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories:


This was a really fun assignment because I never thought of using shapes and lines just to tell a story…and then being able to analyze the story without even reading it, or watching the movie or show, or listening to a song. That was the best part of it because I wanted to make sure that a reader could look at the photo timeline of shapes that created my story without having to listen to the song. I found the following picture very helpful after listening to Vonnegut’s video just for another visual.


    Reviewing past ds106’s work:


     My story in photos:


    My comments on other’s work:    

  As I commented on my fellow classmates’ blog posts I have learned ways to spruce up my work.  The way I saw students write up their posts, especially the post about “What is Storytelling?, made me rethink the way I thought about storytelling, not necessarily my perspective of storytelling, but how to think more in depth about it. For example, the way JT wrote about how the stories he head from relatives shaped him into the way he is now. It has helped him learn many life lessons and he made it a point that he has plans of carrying the stories from generation to generation. Another post that caught my attention was a daily create by Thomas about a math equation, yet he was creative and incorporated ice cream! I always like to at least try each daily create, but I had never thought about using aspects of my own life to put a little spin on ordinary ideas.  He definitely made me want to step up my media game by using more of my imagination and creativity. I want to be able to catch the attention of readers as his blog post did to me. After going over the assignments on others’ websites, I went back and took into consideration that although I may think the products I make are well-done, I can definitely take the extra 5-10 minutes to go the extra mile and add more oomph to my work. The reviews I got on my page were on the helpful side, but not at the same time. I absolutely appreciated all of the comments and compliments, but I feel as if my work is definitely not perfect and at times I am not sure on how to make it better or how to add more details. That is one thing I would like to see more, although I know it is not an easy thing to do to pick something out of someone’s work that could be worked on more because, especially for me, I do not like upsetting people or hurting anyone’s feelings.


    This is the thing I look forward to as I log onto Twitter every morning. I have found that each daily create is a way for me to think outside of the box and use my imagination to create finished products.  I always like how each daily create has a totally different story behind it. These are things that should take you all of 5 minutes or so, and there are days I spend 10+ because I want to make it as closely related to me as possible. I do that so I can give the reader more of an idea of things that I like.  A not-so-good thing about the daily creates are that some are not very detailed on what do, so I sit and stare at the screen like…what do I do? But eventually, I do figure it out either by looking at others work and piecing it together or just keep reading the caption over and over until something pops into my head! Overall I feel as if these are a great way to keep the brain working and also a way to learn about others more!

Tech confessions:

This is more sad to me than anything. Want to not be a good friend? Fine, I'll unfriend you on all my social media.

The light at the end of the tunnel:   

running out of time

Lune poem:       

Lune Poem

Mathematical equation:

Newton's Law

My thoughts and feelings thus far:

    Through the 3rd week of ds106, I am feeling good but not great with all of my assignments. I struggle at times when the links to pictures or videos do not show up on my page and I cannot get them to work. I then spend about 30 minutes to even 1 hour trying to fix the issue. That by far is the most frustrating thing to me, because it happens often. As for the rest of the blog posting, twitter and using different media types, I am definitely learning more tricks to make my assignments easier and have a little more pizazz to them! I really like how I can relate to my classmates and see how they do things so maybe I can broaden my horizon on certain parts I feel I am not so strong in.  Other than the few hiccups here and there, this class is my favorite! I like all the work because it is fun and exciting. I am the type of person who hates doing the same things over and over, so all the craziness and different assignments in this class keeps me on my toes!


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  1. mblack377 says:

    Ashleigh, This is by far the best Weekly Summary post I have come across. You covered everything that was required, and all the media/links you provided made it that much easier to view your work and see how you are progressing. Excellent job!
    *And yes, I noticed the “pizazz” you were referring to.


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