The pictures above are actually of me in a softball game probably around the age of 16. I chose to create a story with these pictures because for 15 years, softball was the main priority of my life. It started as tee-ball, and then went on playing in a county league at 8 years old, making my way into travel ball at age 9. Travel ball was the highlight in my life from age 9-20. Any spare time I ever had, was devoted to softball; pitching, hitting, fielding, conditioning and training to become a better athlete. I am sure anyone who is involved in travel sports even if it isn’t softball, knows exactly where the “spare time” in their lives goes. For some who doesn’t understand how much a sport can be a major part of your life may not be able to relate to this post, but hopefully will still appreciate it. The pictures above tell a story of me starting to throw a pitch and then continue through all aspects that get critiqued as a pitcher in order for the pitch I decided to throw to be perfect. The 6th picture that had to have been left out for this assignment actually makes this storyline that much more interesting. It leaves room for the mind to wander as to what happens when the ball is released. Was it a strike? Was it a ball? Did the batter swing and miss? Did the batter hit the ball? Those are questions that may never be known, but the pictures still create an image in your mind that gets you excited for what is to happen next. Each person may even be able to create their own scenario to add a twist onto my story.

I created an album in Flickr including these 5 photos with the link below. I enjoyed this assignment because I was not allowed to use words to help with my storyline, so I decided to choose pictures with character and power to them. By far the most enjoyable assignment being able to choose anything and put it into our own story!

Here is the album link:


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  1. jenniferpolack says:

    While you don’t tell a story you still have to tell me the following.
    As part of your writeup, we want to see evidence of the thinking behind it. Use a few paragraphs to describe why you chose the assignment or the topic, or what the thing you made means to you. What is its context? What is the story it tells? What does it mean to you? to society? to other media? Why did you even make it?
    I love the pictures. Just give me a little more!


    • aengels9 says:

      Sorry! I wasn’t completely finished. I stopped and made dinner, but didn’t want to lose all my work thus far! Definitely will get on it 😊 thank you for keeping me on my toes!


  2. tmobaird21 says:

    I love this, since I grew up playing baseball non-stop I definitely know how you feel. I really like how you turned these five pictures into a story, the story of a single pitch essentially. Not only analyzing the mechanics of the pitch, but the outcome as well.

    P.S. I bet this pitch was a strike haha.

    -Thomas Baird


  3. Jeff says:

    I’ve always found it astonishing how you ladies can toss a softball underhand with such velocity and movement. Much like a pitcher in baseball, it is a whole body movement that goes into delivering a quality pitch. I like the windmill delivery too, probably too fast for the photographer to capture it all. It looks your coach had you on the right track. I look forward to reading the story behind it all.


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