When I think of the word storytelling, I think of an array of ideas. The act of hand motions and gestures pop into my head when storytelling takes place. Storytelling means being in a calm place at one point, but then in a flash of a second, I could be in a horrific, humorous, scary or a happy place when the words of a story hit my mind. Loud noises, soft whispers, screeching nails shatter my mind when storytelling takes place. As a kid, my mom, dad and sister were the perfect example of storytellers. And as I grew up, I even liked telling stories myself, using as many imaginative sounds and words as possible. When I think of storytelling, I also think of taking my mind into a place where it does not go often, but as it enters, the noises become clearer, the images become more apparent, and the places that the story takes me much more extravagant.

When I add digital to storytelling, it only emphasizes the story. Adding music to a story can express a mood or feeling. This gives the author a way of expressing their own idea through media, pictures, videos, and show their perspective through many types of artwork. Digital storytelling is also a way of telling a story through pictures and/or video clips without having to say a word. To me, that is the most powerful type of digital storytelling and I relate myself to that the most.  I love when a picture is honestly worth a thousand words.


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