This week in ds106, I started off the week by completing 2 daily creates, yes for the same day. I did the daily create that was tweeted Monday morning, about creating a video on “The other side of…” For the video daily create, I decided to make mine up of pictures, reality and still pictures, which represented what “The Other Side of Labor Day” outside of classes meant to me. I decided to use the video maker Animoto, and chose pictures that were taken the morning/afternoon after classes, yet as my family and friends got together and started cooking out and playing games together, as well as pictures I found on Pinterest of types of things that remind me of Labor Day.


After posting that daily create to my social media sites, I then saw the post from Mrs. Polack, and decided to take a quick snapshot of myself that afternoon, and post it on my page introducing myself. After the fact, I realized I could have taken a picture of myself with my family, because honestly that would be introducing myself better to the class because I am a huge family person, and typically wherever I am, I usually invite or have family tag along with me.


I also created my first ever GIF this week. I chose to do it of my absolute favorite reality TV show, Big Brother. I chose a part of the season so far this summer that I thought represented a “high point” for the entire cast because being in a house secluded from everything and everyone on the outside can be very, very stressful. I chose the scene where each house guest was dancing round the living room, sharing nothing but laughter and smiles. These would be the times I would have to look forward to in order to make it through a secluded summer in the Big Brother house; I made sure to put myself in their shoes when I was deciding what clip to use.



For my third daily create of the week, my challenge was to create a scientist logo, if those ever existed. I went into paint on my computer and wrote my name in a font that I liked and then inverted half of my name to be negative. Then I inserted a picture I found on google of a man with a magnifying glass, and decided to put my name in the center of the glass. If I ever was a scientist, a far fetch choice for me, I would choose a marine biologist, because I love the water, as well as fishing. At the beach over the summer, I also found starfish, sand dollars, and other sea life that I have never seen in person before, and thought they were very interesting. Another daily create was to create a map of online and indicate where my home was. I chose to draw out a map, where my home was in the center (considering that is where everything takes places usually), and connected each social media or internet sites I used together to which where they belong, as well as connecting each on back to my home.




The first reflection I chose was to reflect on the ds-106zone podcast. I loved listening to Scott Lockman’s podcast because he did a swell job of introducing ds106 to us listeners. I also liked the way he offered his help out to anyone who needed it, giving out his email and blog information to contact him whenever. I also liked how he was welcome to having guest speakers to be on the podcasts, because I feel as if that will also help encourage the student in ds106 do well, and let them know they aren’t the only ones who have been in this class or had troubles, but they will succeed. The second reflection was on Gardner Campbell’s writing and presentation. I reflected on his thoughts about cyber infrastructure and related his thoughts to how I feel about it all. I love having the opportunity of an online class of this nature, ds106. I like being able to have the freedom of creating products from different sources and sharing them with other classmates, as well as looking over how each of my classmates are creative. I also like not being stuck in a classroom 2-3 times a week, but being able to access this class at any time. The final reflection was of Michael Wesch’s presentation of: knowledgeable to knowledge-able. His presentation was by far my favorite, and I really liked how he sued real life examples of not only others but himself doing work in another country. His idea of how the web should be used for education is well thought out. He seems to be able to relate to the students and/or communicate well and be on a student’s level of understanding of how hard it can be to be in a classroom all the time doing the same things, day in and day out. I related his work to our class because I like how we have the freedom to do, or even not do assignments (although it’d be not smart to do them, because in the first 2 weeks I have learned an outrageous amount of new information and tools on the web).

I already had the plugin Askimet before this week had started without actually knowing I had it included in my profile. For the twitter and Flickr plugins, I had those on my blog’s home page as well, I just did a little rearranging and sprucing up them a little by giving them titles other than those of “Twitter” and “Flickr”, as well as make them not look overwhelming but also so they stand out to the viewer’s eye. When I tried to install the jetpack plugin, my verison of WordPress says that it is already included in my blog, therefore I could not actually download it. I’ve had ups and downs this week, it took me a little while to figure out how to create a good GIF, not perfect it, but good enough to where I was completely satisfied with the final outcome. I also am really getting into the daily create concept because I like expressing my creativity, even if I am horrible at it most of the time, and trying new things such as making an online map or a scientist logo. It also gets me to think outside of the box. Although this class is time consuming, I have had great experiences so far and cannot wait to get into the video, audio, and all other aspects of the class. I am still getting into the swing of things on Twitter, which I am sure will take some time, but other than that I definitely am starting to like blogging and I also like seeing what my classmates create as their assignments and getting their feedback so I know what to work on or what I can change completely.


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