Freedom Shield

Above is the book bloc shield I created for today’s daily create. I chose Fighting for my rights as the title because as this would be shown to the police, guards or other citizens, I would want that to stick out to them as to the main reason I am at the demonstration. I added the collection of words that go along with freedom in the center of the shield because those are the words that mean a lot to me when anyone talks about freedom and having the right to do anything at that.


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  1. Ryan Lacey says:

    Your book bloc came out really cool! How did you make it??


    • aengels9 says:

      First, I found the outline of the eagle and the shield on google. Then, there is a website called and I used that to create the collection of words in the center of the shield, called a wordle. After I created and saved that to my computer, I had the eagle and shield opened up in Paint on the computer, and inserted the wordle inside of it and enter the text “Fighting for my Rights” in the banner section of it all. I hope that explains it well for you 🙂


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