Scott Lockman seemed to be giving us listeners the ins and outs of what ds106 might have in store for us this semester. By him doing these short podcasts daily, I feel as if listening to them will help me with questions or concerns I may come across while doing some of my ds106 work, mainly the audio portion of the class. He also had made a point that he was willing to have other voices, even students on the radio with him as well! I think having not only him, but students or past students, on the radio with him, when it comes down to the knit and gritty of audio topics, that it will help current students feel as if they were not the only ones who had trouble. I feel as if it will also help them find ways to make it through assignments, feeling as if they completed the assignment with confidence. Scottlo seemed to be a very genuine person and the way he, himself, offered help to anyone who needed it, and gave out his contact information, definitely shows the kind of person he is and how his podcasts (5 minutes, 7 minutes, or his slightly longer ones on certain days) will benefit each student in different ways in our ds106 class!


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