1. https://ashleighengels.wordpress.com/a-little-something-you-may-want-to-know-%f0%9f%98/ 
  2. Https://vimeo.com/104657908 
  3. https://soundcloud.com/ashleighengels/audio-recording-on-Thursday 
  4. https://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/photos_public.gne?id=126465888@N05&lang=en-us&format=rss_200  
  5. https://twitter.com/Aengels9/status/504821922417610753  


—Comments on classmates’ social media—





  1. I commented on Kelsey’s page because she caught my attention when her blog started off with, my first ever blog, because as for myself, I am a first time blogger like she is. It was quite confusing at first, but she see, s to have gotten the hang of it and I loved the layout and header picture she used!



  1. On Katherine’s page, I also visited her blog as well as her twitter. The few words that described her sounded like someone describing the person I am. And then on her blog, I saw she was from the mountains, and that is something that is totally opposite of what I am used to, the beach, and was curious where in the mountains she had lived!


  1. On Rachel’s blog, her title “Women who behave rarely make history” is a phrase a lot of my friends used growing up. Something fun and a little catchy to keep us on track, yet still have good teenage years! I also read that she hasn’t decided on a major and I know that could be stressful at times, so definitely wanted to let her know that, if need be, I could help with any questions she had, or at least try to. (Not like I am a genius or anything, just trying to help out any way I can!)



Above are various links to each social media site I have created and did a little introduction of myself and things I am interested in. On vimeo, there is a quick video of me talking about, well me. On twitter, I posted a status of a few things I like and a picture of my softball photo shoot. On SoundCloud, I had recorded a country song by Brantley Gilbert, Kick it in the Sticks, because it sums up what I like doing in my spare time as well as what type of music I listen to. On Flickr, I posted a few pictures of my family, boyfriend, and a few other pictures from over the summer!

On my blog page, I have named it Ashleigh Marie, with the sub comment of “…Just another blog spot”. I chose that name because anyone who knows me, and as each person in ds106 gets to know me, that’s what everyone calls me to get my attention (or if I am in trouble, hopefully that won’t be the case). As for the design, I chose a quote to use as my header, and I am a huge fan of all quotes, so I am sure I will change my header a million times this semester, just a heads up! As for the background, I currently chose something simple, black so that it could go with anything I choose as my header. I always like changes, so like my header, I am sure my background layout will change periodically as well. I had a lot of frustration starting off with this blog because I am knew to blogging, but I am getting the hang of it 🙂

As far as the first week of classes goes, I hope everyone is surviving (as best as they can 😉) & enjoying the good weather and being back with friends! In the first week of this class, I have learned, slowly but surely, how to use twitter, flickr, soundcloud, and getting used to blogging. I was a bit intimidated at first, but now that I am getting into the swing of things, I am very excited to see what all I can learn with each of these different sites and all the different types of media. I also wish the best for everyone this semester in DS106! 😆👌



8 responses »

  1. jhempe says:

    Hey Ashleigh,

    You have a great website, it is set up very nicely and well organized! I like the color theme you used with it and the pictures you have posted are really nice! Thanks for the follow on Twitter!

    -Justin Hempe


  2. Hey Ashleigh,
    I really like your website. It looks good as well as easy to navigate. I like how your tweets show up on your blog automatically! Also your picture on the water is gorgeous. Overall your blog is great and set up so well!!
    Katie Barnes


  3. jwhipple says:

    Hi Ashleigh,
    I think you made the right choice with the black background with this style. It looks good the way the pictures on the sidebar pop against the black. I’m also happy to see another country music fan on here. Kick it in the Sticks is a great song, I also like his new one, Small Town Throwdown. I look forward to seeing what other quotes pop up over the semester.


    • aengels9 says:

      Absolutely love country music! Dierks Bentley is also one of my favorites, although I didn’t feel it would be appropriate for me to put up “Drunk on a Plane” ☺ Can’t wait to see who else we come across with the same interests!


  4. Austin says:

    I really like the theme your using and the sidebar stuff you have going on up there. Great site!


  5. Hey, Ashleigh
    I like the layout and background on your site, its different than a lot of the others I’ve seen. You’ve done well to embed your other social media sites on the side, its very convenient and catches your attention.


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